Synagogue – Chabad Lubavitch : Wisconsin

Peril: Vandalism

When a synagogue suffered significant vandalism damages, the senior rabbinical staff reached out to Morgan Ryan, Inc for assistance with their claim.

A mentally unstable individual entered the synagogue after hours and damaged the building as well as destroying some of the most treasured torah scrolls one of which was from the holocaust era.

Following all aspects of Judah law, Morgan Ryan prepared it’s building claim noting the historical nature of the 100 year old building along with the damages to the shul, the mikvah as well as the surrounding living quarters.  Where applicable, the claim was tailored towards repair.  Significant research was needed in order to determine costs for repair and replacement.

The personal property claim presented extraordinary requirements.  Judah law required that certain items be cleaned under the supervision of special rabbi’s familiar with the recertification of these items.  Morgan Ryan staff interacted with torah scribes to determine the accurate costs and the time necessary for replacement.

The extra expense coverage was utilized to offset all above normal expenses necessary to hold services at an alternative location while the loss location was being repaired.

Case Studies

Additional Successes

We’ve helped negotiate hundreds of claims over the years, here are a few successes we’d like to highlight.