James Ewing

Peril: Fire

James Ewing owns, and self manages several of his properties in the city of Milwaukee.  Mr. Ewing has worked for the city of Milwaukee property tax division for 20 years.  He certainly understands property values, but when faced with several fire losses over the years, he reaches out to Morgan Ryan for representation.

Within two days of the most recent fire, the in house building estimator began the detailed unit cost repair estimate.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the estimate was adjusted for increased pricing and reduced supply chain materials.  The result was an estimate tailored toward current market conditions and accepted by the insurance companies.

Without the team of experts at Morgan Ryan, Mr. Ewing would have been faced with shortfall when undertaking the repairs to his property.

Due to the pandemic the lead time of materials was much greater than normal.  A repair that normally would have taken six months took eleven months.  Morgan Ryan was able to support the longer period of o restoration in order to collect the maxim um business income amounts available.


Case Studies

Additional Successes

We’ve helped negotiate hundreds of claims over the years, here are a few successes we’d like to highlight.