Home and personal property loss is devastating and overwhelming. The period of time following a loss due to fire, flood, tornado or any other type of catastrophe is stressful and chaotic. The addition of a large insurance claim only adds to this anxiety.

It’s important to contact a public insurance adjuster before any claim is filed with your insurance company to ensure your interests are being represented fairly from the beginning.

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Recommended action after a loss

  • Tend to any medical issues and account for all family members and pets
  • Take reasonable steps to secure the property and prevent further damage
    • Signing of an Emergency Services Authorization
  • Contact your insurance broker to notify them of the incident
  • Assemble your team of experts in preparation for the claim process
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Important Claim Documents

  • Letter of Representation
  • Proof of Loss Form
  • Reservation of Rights Letter
  • Non Waiver Agreement
  • Policy Release
  • Subrogation Receipt
  • Emergency Services Authorization
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What reasonable steps am I required to take to secure my property from further damage?

As the policyholder, after a loss you are required to mitigate your damages and secure the property.  The value of a restoration contractor is critical at this juncture.  Their services should include:

  • Tarping the roof
  • Board up broken windows and doors
  • Temporary fencing
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What is an Emergency Services Work Authorization and why do I need one?

Immediately following a loss you are obligated to mitigate further damage to your property.  It is the policyholders ultimate discretion as to which restoration company performs these emergency services.  This will require the homeowner to sign what’s called an Emergency Services Work Authorization.

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Step by Step

The Claims Process

While every claim is different, our process remains consistent. We’ll help you navigate through the steps involved in your claim so there are no surprises and you can rest knowing we’re doing everything in our power to make you whole again.

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