Our team of experts is a great complement to any established legal team. We provide attorneys and their clients with a professional claim package documenting the assessment of the damages, for use in alternative dispute resolution and trial. This expertise establishes further foundational support to achieve a successful outcome.

Our understanding of the requirements within the insurance industry and claim preparation procedures provides us with the ability to deliver our expert opinion during deposition and trial.

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What to look for in an expert witness

  • Educational background
  • Professional experience
  • Previous expert testimony history and outcomes
  • Successfully completed Daubert challenge
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What is the Daubert Standard

Hiring an expert who has met the Daubert Standard brings strength to your expert testimony. This gives the opposition less ground when attempting to toss out your testimony from the case.

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Services provided to support legal teams

  • Insurance policy review
  • Architectural plan review
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Expert witness report generation
  • Building valuation
  • Damage appraisal
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Partners in our network for additional legal support

We pride ourselves on having a deep bench when it comes to our network.

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Hiring a consultant vs an expert witness - what’s the difference?

The main difference between hiring an expert witness instead of a consultant is the need to disclose the hiring of an expert witness making their work discoverable. A consultant has freedom to work in the background making it more advantageous for your legal team.

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Step by Step

The Claims Process

While every claim is different, our process remains consistent. We’ll help you navigate through the steps involved in your claim so there are no surprises and you can rest knowing we’re doing everything in our power to make you whole again.

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